Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Building (ILSB) – LEED Gold Certified

ILSB (1)

The LEED Gold Certified ILSB includes approximately 220,000 gross square feet of space for research laboratories, teaching, and related activities. The building houses approximately 30 robust, flexible laboratories; meeting, seminar, and lecture rooms; computational equipment and spaces to support informatics activities; a 285-seat auditorium and associated auxiliary space; and space to house operational staff. Core facilities include proteomics, genomics and structural biology labs that service the university's research needs. Labs and lab support facilities utilize modular casework to facilitate reconfiguration based on evolving research directions. The building is sited prominently across from the historic Simpson Drill Field and serves as a physical and conceptual link between Texas A&M University’s main campus life sciences corridor and the west campus research buildings. 

Sustainable Design Features

  • Carpet - Low Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Sloped Ceiling /Light Shelves - helps reduce glare and decreases heat gain
  • Cistern/Rain Garden for recyclable water storage and for site irrigation
  • Community Density - easy remote access to key areas on campus (bus stops, post office, restaurants, resident housing, etc.)
  • Integrated Frit Pattern/Glass Glazing/Window Fins – helps reduce heat gain
  • Inside transom windows - allows daylight to pass through to the corridors while maintaining privacy.
  • Interior spaces equipped with occupancy sensors.
  • Terrazzo Floor/Wood/Structural Materials - Locally resourced
  • Xeriscaping and Indigenous Plants
  • Clerestory Windows – allow natural daylight into spaces
  • Alternative Transportation Features - Four showers in the building, each equipped with small lockers for bicycle riders to shower and change clothes.
  • Bathroom Countertops/Toilets/Lights – Alchemy countertops, Dual-flush toilets, Motion activated lights.
  • Low Flow Fixtures