The 2004 Campus Master Plan is intended as a strategic and tactical guide for the physical development of the campus over the next fifty years. It provides the framework for this physical development. It is a hierarchical, comprehensive plan that proposes a reorientation of campus development policy in order to bring the physical environment into alignment with the mission of the University. It is intended to achieve the ideals of Vision 2020 and enhance the quality of campus life.

The strategies of the Campus Master Plan include increasing the density of mid and west campus, while continuing to reinforce the civic and landscape structure of the campus. East and West Campus will be united through the development of two underpasses, including Wellborn Road as a tree-lined boulevard. A foundation for a pedestrian friendly campus is established by redeveloping University Drive as a tree-lined boulevard, replacing surface parking with green space, buildings and parking garages and limiting private vehicles to the perimeter of campus. The plan recommends improvement to the quality of architecture and landscape, which includes preservation and renovations to the heritage buildings.

In July of 2015, Texas A&M University hired the planning firm of Ayres Saint Gross to lead a Campus Master Plan update planning effort. The update process will take approximately one year to complete and will focus on the following areas: development framework plan (physical planning), preservation/adaptive reuse plan, circulation and transportation plan, sustainability plan, signage plan, and design and landscape guidelines.